Sunday, November 28, 2010

Atlantis Bahamas Danger! Enter at your own Risk!

To Mr. Solomon Kerzner    
Re: Atlantis Resort Bahamas 

Dear Mr. Sol Kerzner

    My name is Dr. Paul Finucan I was injured on the water slide (Surge) at the water park at Atlantis Saturday 8/21/10.  I made a report at both the nurses’ station and with the security office at Atlantis. ( copy of report enclosed).  I have also contacted Ms. Fountain, by phone and email. She said she would respond, but she has not thus far. Therefore I am sending you this email.
     We have been to Atlantis resort and Water Park (Bahamas), we thought when we were on your properties the safety and welfare of your guests would be a high priority. We had never been to the water park before, now we have come to find out that tourists if injured at Atlantis are sent away with, so sorry about your injuries hope you get well, but we are not going to help you. I have been ignored and looked at from the very start as an inconvenience to the Atlantis personnel after having a serious injury at Atlantis. The manager and your security people kept me for 3 hours filling out reports and waiting in a wheel chair to go back to the ship. All the while sitting cold (soaking wet sitting in air conditioning) injured and in pain. Not one of the staff seeing me for 3 hours sitting in a wheel chair bruised, scraped, bleeding, and in pain, asked me if any they could help me in any way. Not one asked about my welfare. Even asking for a glass of water seemed too much to ask, but someone did finally give me a cup of water. My family and I have traveled to many places and resorts and have never before been treated with such carelessness. I expected much more from Atlantis its management and staff.
     Subsequently after my accident at Atlantis my wife and I talked to several others that were injured on the same water slide.  One gentleman required stitches in his head. If I hit the cement head first instead of striking my heel first, I would have suffered severe and possibly fatal head injuries. This appears very negligent to me and that Atlantis is not concerned at correcting and making this water slide safe.  I also have proof that the attendants know about risks on this ride and I will provide it if needed.
My chief symptoms since the accident have been headaches, sharp right heel pain with difficult walking and unable to put weight on my heel, right leg muscle pain, neck pain and stiffness, upper back pain and stiffness, low back pain and stiffness, all Lumbar ranges of motion are limited by pain and stiffness, pain and numbness down left thigh and left leg. 
As a direct result of the water slide I sustained the following injuries: Head trauma, neck sprain/strain, right heel contusion and bone bruise, left knee abrasions, multiple lumbar disc injuries. The MRI shows L5 disc herniated, L3 and L4 disc bulges. Reports enclosed. Before this accident I had no pain or injures.
As a result of these injuries I have missed work days and still now 2 months later, I have been limited and unable to work to my full capacity as a physician. I have lost considerable income and have had a great deal of medical expense.
When I made the report immediately while at Atlantis, the manager at Atlantis stated she would refund our credit card for the charges witch I still have not received to date. We were charged $380.00 on 8/21/10. Atlantis adventures. (update now credited $110 only) I was charged $380 for my family and myself, we were at the park only 30 min. when I was injured and we had to go back to the ship. I was told by the manager I would be refunded $380 not $110. The hotel manager also said for me to send my medical bills to Atlantis and they would be paid. I have been paid nothing!
I have discussed my injuries with a Law Firm in the Bahamas, they stated they have other clients that were also injured at Atlantis.
First and foremost I am asking you to have the Surge and all the slides at Atlantis be checked and made safe. I would not have had these injuries if this ride were safe! Train life guards important care instructions when someone is injured, and when to call for assistance.
I have sustained permanent spinal injuries as shown in the report along with pain and suffering, loss of work and my family vacation was totally ruined, to say the least. 
 Why not to go to Atlantis. Not one person, lifeguard or manager at Atlantis showed compassion or concern for my well being. When I was standing in the rapids immediately after my injuries the lifeguard just stood there looking at me in pain. Then when I said I was hurt she pointed to the Nurse station, far away and went back to her post. No one helped or assisted me limping all the way.
Update: This letter was sent to Atlantis and to Mr. Sol Kerzner with no response at all. I believe this demonstrates their total disregard for anyone injured at Atlantis.


  1. WOW! Good to know; I am going on my honeymoon cruise in January! I'm not sure if we planned to go there, but thanks to you, we will not be! I hope you get well; God is still in control!


  2. Can you perhaps document for us the detailed occurrence of the actual reporting of the incident and what was said and done ..What you said at first and all the questions or reports the security and staff responded with word for word if you can.How did the report look like that you completed? Who was responding to your letters and what was said?
    What was the operating procedure like at the start of the slides. Safework procedures. Are there any others that also got injured.Have you got there particulars. Did you hear of their accidents before your incident or after. What does the signage say before entering the slide etc. Did you report the incident to the authorities in Bahamas? Did you tak elegal action?
    We can take the matter up if we have all the details

  3. Well, I have been there many times never had a problem with anything what ever u do in todays world u have to be careful sometimes we think we are 17 and we are not anyway i hope u feel better ,did u ever have back problems before anyway Good Luck and I can only say Feel better

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  5. Hi my name is Adam, I was also at the Bahamas Atlantis water slide and also was badly injured.I was not able to work for over a month and was forced to spend my time in a bed. Atlantis is not correcting the problem with the water slide or compensating for the medical expenses and lost wages. If there is anybody that was injured at the bahamas water slide in atlantis, please email me ASAP at so that this problem can be resolved and have the medical expenses covered. This is not our fault but a bad design for not making the landing pool deep enough.!

  6. Goodness, I am glad to know I am not the only one. I went to the Atlantis as an excursion with my 2 teenagers May 31. I can't remember the name of the waterslide right off hand, but it was the one that goes straight down and inside tubes,etc on a single or double raft. I believe. I chose to go down with my 17 year old 220lb son, which they said had to be sitting behind me on the raft. I am small frame 120lb female. The force when we hit the bottom of the initial drop caused my head to go back so hard my neck popped and hurt so bad it scared the heck out of son even complained of it hurting his back. I didn't seem to have any other symptoms at the time, but when I woke up the next morning, the front of my neck was so sore and I couldn't move my head from side to side or look up. The symptoms progressed and I couldn't lift myself out of bed. My arms went numb at times and headaches from hell. Once back in the US I immediatly went to urgent care, have been off work for over a week and my pcp said I sustained whiplash. I believe the extra force from having double riders allowed to go down on this ride is a serious danger. I will never go on another waterslide again.

  7. I didn't see anywhere in your post where it explains exactly you incurred these injuries but I can say I just got back from a vacation at Atlantis and my 11 year old son somehow survived without as much as a scratch after riding the Surge (and every other slide there as well.

    Perhaps if you explained the details of how you received these injuries I would be a little more sympathetic but it just sounds like you're the typical money grubber looking for someone's icy sidewalk to slip and fall on.

    Please explain how there was negligence on behalf of the resort that led to your injuries.

  8. Thank you for sharing this! I think it's really important if people who have experienced injuries at Atlantis and have been maltreated (or not medically treated at all), work on a collective lawsuit. Because it seems like that's the only way they will change their safety measures at their water park. I went to the Bahamas and was debating whether or not to go to the watermark and I'm glad we chose not to - I'm not putting my life at risk to go on watersides...I can do that at water parks close by me (which are safely designed and lifeguards are well trained).

  9. We are a Bahamas law firm and have been very successful with personal injury claims for situations such as this in The Bahamas against hotels. If you require our assistance, please email us at or

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  11. My 7 year old son and I had almost exactly the same experience. We were riding The Current ride. At the opening to the Rapids, our inner tube was grabbed by the mechanical rollers simultaneously with another tube. Two tubes were forced through the narrow opening that was intended for only one. We were jettisoned out of the tube right into the Rapids. The force of the current was too great for me to stand, my son hit his head on the wall and was hysterical, we were both scraped badly. No lifeguard came to our assistance. I managed to scoop my son up and get him to safety. The nurse was completely incompetent, she did no neurological exam on my son who hit his head to see if he had a head injury, nor did she clean our wounds. This was the second of five days there, afterward any further activity that involved salt water - our pre-paid dolphin experience, saltwater lagoon obstacle course, snorkeling, swimming in the ocean etc were out of the question as the saltwater was excruciating on our wounds. My son was in tears when we tried the dolphin experience, that was our whole reason for going to Atlantis.

    I'm a runner/triathlete and I could hardly walk afterward. My left foot was so badly scraped that it became infected and swollen to 3 times it's normal size. It has been a month since I've been able to wear a running shoe. I can only just now but it's still very painful. The ride is not safe and no one advises you of the danger as you are getting on it. Where we boarded it, it appeared like a nice little lazy river float in an inner tube. In fact, no one advises you of anything with respect to this particular ride.

    The resort has done nothing but dodge me and give me the run around after ruining our vacation. My advice would be to pick a different resort that cares about the safety and well-being of their guests.


  13. Similar experience when we took went with our young kids during Dec 2013. There were people getting seriously injured and not much compassion was shown by the staff, not enough first aide supplies, and worst of all, there was a lady with a broken neck /back and they weren't closing the rides despite the riders being seriously injured. The bloody show went on... it was difficult to watch! One of the staff sitting next to us commented that this is a daily affair and he has seen a lot of blood in that park!!

  14. Today is August 16 is 9 PM I was also just recently injured on the rapids ride; i'm just so thankful I wasn't a child. I was I was flipped over and hit the back of my head against the rocks I lost consciousness the current was so strong that is swept me all the way down and when I was finally able to stand up I tried unsuccessfully to get out of the water after many attempts finally in life LifeCore a cane to assist me and when I did get out the water I help for lease 34 lacerations on my write me and I had 2 to 3 lacerations on my right elbow with the contusion on the back of my head I broke two fingernails and worst of it all I was pointed towards the medic I wasn't offered a ride after I begged and pleaded for the young lady to please call for a ride because my young nephew was with me and the ground the temperature on the ground had to be a lease over 100 write me and I had 2 to 3 lacerations on my right elbow with the contusion on the back of my head I broke two fingernails and worst of it all I was pointed towards the medic I wasn't offered a ride after I begged and pleaded for the young lady to please call for a ride because my young nephew was with me and the ground temperature on the ground had to be at least over 100° He was crying because his feet were so hot I had to walk to water again injured while she met me on the other side just to cool his feet off. There has to be someone in the Bahamas they can rectify this problem there's numerous injuries and someone will be eventually killed on this right people spend thousands of dollars when they come here not to be injured, but to enjoy themselves. I can understand 1 or 2 isolated injuries here and there but to continuously have people document serious injuries from this one RAPID water ride there has to be something done. If someone has had success with obtaining compensation and changes to this particular water ride ; please contact me or send me contact information because something has to be done before someone's child is killed or severely injured! There has to be help in the Bahamas for people like us if this was happening in the United States there will be agencies that you can contact to have this correct it is inhumane for this situation to continue. Sorry for the wording, but I'm in extreme pain unable to enjoy the rest of my vacation!